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ZD Soft Screen Recorder v10.2.6 With Keygen

ZD Soft Screen Recorder v10.2.6 With Keygen


ZD Soft Screen Recorder is lightweight, high performance and easy-to-use screen recording & broadcasting software for Windows. It’s highly optimized for both desktop screen capture and game screen capture in order to deliver the best screen recording & broadcasting experience. You almost could not feel any system lag when recording.

FEATURES  OF ZD Soft Screen Recorder

Capture a region
You can capture only an interested region of screen. The area outside the region will be excluded.
Capture a window
You can capture a specified window or just the foreground window. The window position can be tracked automatically.
Capture full screen
You can capture the full screen of a specified monitor or the entire desktop. Multi-monitor system is supported.
Capture game screen
You can capture PC game screen in either windowed or full screen mode. It’s highly optimized for DirectX and OpenGL based games.
Smooth moving effect
You can change capture mode or move region freely while recording. The smooth moving effect will make your videos eye-catching.
Webcam overlay
You can put a webcam overlay on a corner of your recording video, being face-to-face with your audience.
Mouse cursor effects
You can apply some visual effects in video indicating the mouse cursor position or button state.
Custom watermark
You can embed your custom watermark in your screen recordings claiming the originality of your works.
Recording Timer
Scheduled recording
You can start/stop a recording at a pre-scheduled time, or limit the length of a recording.
1. Disconnect Internet connection
2. Run app’s setup
3. After installation, Use Keygen for registration
4. Block its IneterNet connection with firewall
5. Thanks To Original Uploader
If You Like The Software,Please Support The Developers N Buy It

ZD Soft Screen Recorder v10.2.6 With Keygen

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