PaperScan Scanner Software is a powerful TWAIN & WIA scanning application centered on one idea: making document acquisition an unparalleled easy task for anyone.
But it also provides advanced features like OCR, annotations or color detection.


◦Remove punch holes automatically.
◦Remove borders automatically.
◦Blank pages detection and removal.
◦Angle rotation.
◦Convert to black and white, greyscale or colour.
◦Adjust colour (brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma).
◦Apply filters to smooth, stretch contrast or median the image.
◦Apply bitonal filters to remove isolated dots or to dilate/erode characters.
◦Bitonal reduction using dithering algorithm (Stucky, Order Dither, Burke, Floyd Steindberg).
◦Apply contour, sepia or scanline effects.
◦Erase a specific area.
◦Text, Image, Ellipse, Rectangle.
◦Line, Connected Lines, Freehand Pen.
◦Ruler, Polygon, Freehand Polygon.
◦Arrow, Highlighter, Sticky Note, Rubber Stamp.
Other features:
◦Scan documents in batch by using separator sheets.
◦Image printing.
◦Duplex scanning.
◦Image quality selection.
◦Area selection / crop selected area.
◦Image resizing.
◦Drag & drop files from Windows Explorer to PaperScan.
◦Information about resolution, size and colour mode of an image.
◦PDF encryption. Paperscan can read encrypted PDFs and create PDFs with encryption.
◦Create PDF documents with Fast Web View mode (or linearized PDF).

1. Disconnect Internet connection
2. Run app’s setup
3.After installation,Copy Patch it into install directory & apply it.
4. Block its IneterNet connection with firewall
5. Thanks To Original Uploader
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